Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ladies and gentlemen, something that the internet and online porn has practically killed off: the low-budget skin rag.  The current and future youth will never know the cheap thrill of walking up to the counter of that newsstand, porn shop or drug store and with the embarrassed feeling of ALL EYES LOOKING AT HIM OR HER, of trying to buy that first issue and not look like a fool doing it before scurrying back home to enjoy it with a nice cup of tea.  It's sort of like how the VCR killed off the porn theaters back in the late 1980s.  Except not only did you try to make yourself as small as possible as you quickly entered and exited the theaters so no one would recognize you, but the other thrill was facing the bathrooms where, more often than not, there was more action going on in there than on the screen.  And the action was NOT the most favorable of imaginings!  BTW, this piece is the third submission for the APW SKETCH IT OUT Show in April.  ©2009 Jeff White

Friday, February 20, 2009

The second of five for the APW SKETCH IT OUT show in NY... the point of this exercise was to use up all the negative space.  So I decided to draw some fellahs that you may (or may not) want to leave your pet alone with at 3 am in the morning.  Pen and ink.  © 2009 Jeff White

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This one-pager is a possibility for a submission for the APW gallery's SKETCH IT OUT show in April 2009 in New York.  I get to submit up to 5 pieces, all 8.5"x11" and if I sell them all I'll be very, very happy.  My wife and I plan on attending the opening on April 3, where I'll also be handing out postcards of my digital paintings.  Hustle!  Hustle! Hustle!  © 2009 Jeff White

Friday, February 13, 2009

This is the pencil for a couple of things I have planned for ZOMBE POPE... a sort of homage to exploitation horror movies.  I'll ink the original and make a DP out of the scanned image when I have the time.  There will be a lot more added to this as I go into it such as matted hair, the lettering above and below to balance the image out better, shading, etc... all the fun details you don't usually see in the penciled versions.  Right now, though, I have to get 5 images done for a gallery show in NYC for March submission for the April opening.  Should be a lot of fun...  was just notified today!!!  © 2009 Jeff White
I missed inking my work, so I wanted to experiment a little by combining my inking, then scanning the work into Photoshop and then coloring it digitally.  I did it as a grayscale and then colorized it using the overlay and color options in the layers palate.   Later on, I drew a one-page comic using the same method and it didn't come out quite so well... so maybe I'll need to rethink of how I'll draw a strip compared to a single illustration.  Or maybe I'll just need to hunker down and practice some more.  © 2009 Jeff White
In response to all the piggies that Duke Nukem blew away...  I miss that video game.  © 2009 Jeff White
Poor Nil Butron... all he wanted to do was get a picture taken of him for his grandchildren whom he doesn't see very often.  But someone who doesn't like Nil Butron went to great lengths to ruin his Kodak moment.  Poor Nil Butron.

This is actually based on a guy I knew of back home growing up on eastern Long Island who went by the name of "Henry."  He came up from Florida every summer and allegedly lived off a daily diet of a pound of ham, a six-pack of beer and a battery of vitamins.  He lived in a trailer up in "the Hills" outside of East Quogue.  ©2009 Jeff White
This came to me while doing the dishes...  this was posted on a couple of other sites and has proved to be a crowd pleaser.  © 2009 Jeff White
This is one of my first DP's (digital paintings).  Not much to say, except that I was pretty happy with the results.  At some point I was thinking of "fine tuning" it by putting in an arrow pointing to the knothole with the words above it in caps saying FREE SHOW.  Just to spice it up a little...   © 2009 Jeff White
Welcome one and all, my name is Jeff White.  I'm a cartoonist and and illustrator.  I've worked in pen & ink for so long that when I donate at the Red Cross I bleed ink instead of blood.  I started going the digital route by illustrating in PhotoShop and have found it as comfy as dipping my feet into a bath full of warm salsa (how's THAT for some imagery???).  I've done some work in comics, little people books, big people books, magazines, some commissioned work, a couple of gallery shows and a t-shirt company or two.  Any other info as to where my work has been featured could lead to possible jail time, so I won't be divulging any of that stuff for anyone any time soon.  My main page is at and I am ALWAYS available for MORE work!  Thanks for reading and looking at my work here!